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Our human life is a path through time and space, with many different turnings that promise a mysterious surprise, making the journey indeed challenging.

Step by step, breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat, we come closer, getting stimulating glimpses of the final destination, being disoriented now and then by our human weakness.

As the light becomes brighter, nothing can remain hidden anymore and the truth is revealed.

There is no path to follow, as there is no time and space, all is one, eternal, endless and boundless.

Suddenly we are there; awakened by the silence, from a dream called life. Nevertheless, we leave it behind and we get a rest as the next one is ahead.

“You are pure, conscious and taintless…
You are not subject to the illusoriness of the world…
Give up this sleep of delusion, this dream which confounds the mind…”

~Markandeya Purana

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