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A single cell in a womb, carrying vast genetic information for the development of a body meant to die, trapping a soul meant to live forever. As paradoxical as life itself.

No matter how simple our arrival into this world seems to be, we prove ourselves unable to look through the illusory veil of a complicated life and complex world. The complicated nature of our human body reflects in a strange but rational way our tricky look upon life and this world. By identifying ourselves with our ephemeral body and being ignorant of the imperishable nature of what is caged inside, any non-dual perspective is lost.

Living a life of full surrender to worldly desires, thoughts and ambitions under the commands of our impulsive mind, being unable to distinguish between dream and reality …it is only through death that the purposelessness of such an attitude finally shines.

Reaching Omega to redirect to Alpha is not necessary, as long as our steps into this life do not deviate from the path of devotion to constant self-enquiry. It is through the path of yoga that our focus can be redirected to our true self, our eternal origin, taking however care of the shell it dwells in, our body, considering it a sort of avatar in this world.

Yoga is there to bring you back to your starting point, to the womb of the infinite One, source of everything, where the ego dissolves, your eternal spirit is free and unity with the One Self is achieved.

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