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Is it possible to come to a state of full inner and outer balance in a world of constant and fast changing?

Yes it is, although challenging, as long as we become aware of what really matters under the shiny surface of full disguise that surrounds us. Not by adapting to a fluid environment, because even in sharp contrast to it, we can achieve balance by mastering the art of focusing on the core and true essence of things and by not being distracted by the meaninglessness of a fancy covering.

For some of us it may be difficult to come to such a state of being incapable of recognizing the border between truthfulness and falsehood, between simplicity and complexity and not being brave enough to cross this border.

Do not necessarily try to keep pace with what crazily happens around you. Set a slower pace or even pause for a while to sense stillness that can help you understand better what takes place inside and outside you, become aware of it, reconcile with it, redefine your relation to it and come into balance with it in a purifying way.

In this life-changing process yoga can assist you to overcome any source of imbalance.