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For the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit!

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Originated in the Himalayas, Hatha Yoga in Sivananda tradition is based on five principles:

1.   Proper Excersises: Asanas (steady poses) to

a.      increase flexibility of  the spine and the joints

b.      enhance circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, joints, and nervous system

c.      massage and stimulate internal organs, and

d.      rejuvenate endocrine systems

2.   Proper Breathing: Pranayamas & advance Pranayamas to

a.      control Prana (the subtle energy of the vital breath), and

b.      control the mind

3.   Proper Relaxation: Sarvasanas with guided, progressive relaxation to achieve:

a.      full physical relaxation

b.      mental relaxation, and

c.      spiritual relaxation

4.   Proper Diet: simply prepared, fresh natural, primary foods (foods that absorb energy directly from the sun) such as fruits and vegetables for

a.      Healthier body, and

b.      Calmer and more controlled mind

5.   Positive Thinking and Meditation:

a.      Positive thoughts bring positive results to the body, and to life.


Meditation provides awareness of thought and tension in the body. Regular practice would reduce stress and bring mental peace. It would help in delaying the aging effects by prolonging the body’s anabolic process of growth and repair, and reducing the catabolic/decaying process.

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Qigong, rooted in Yoga and modified by Chinese thousands of years ago, is the arts of cultivating vital energy through meditation, breathing, and physical movements.

Qi is the mystical ‘life force’ that circulates inside us and keeps us alive and well. Our Qi came from prenatal Qi and postnatal Qi. The prenatal Qi came from our parent, thus, is the ‘fate’ part. The postnatal Qi came from food and air that we consume and is affected by the activities that we do, thus, is changeable. Qigong is the practice designed to cultivate the postnatal Qi.

Each Qigong movement was designed to enhance the qi in the qi vessels and stretch the meridians to enhance the circulation of life force energy (qi) among the organs and in the body.

The Vietnamese staff-Qigong that we teach uses staff (pole) as a mean to help students hold correct postures and perform correct movements. We also teach a free-hand variant.

We also teach Sitting and Standing versions of the famous ‘Eight Pieces of Brocade’ and other Qigong methods.